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    Dear Customer,

    We are pleased to inform you that The Kapol Co-op. Bank Ltd. has subscribed to the SPEED-e facility
    offered by NSDL to Demat account holders.

    If you register yourself for this facility, following are the features that will be available to you:

    1. Clients can check the latest balances in their Demat account through IDeAS before submitting instructions
    2. Clients can view status of execution of DIS.
    3. Clients can save time and efforts in obtaining Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) and submitting them to their DP.
    4. Client can freeze their Demat account on SPEED-e. Freeze created through SPEED-e be unfrozen only through
      SPEED-e. (Only for e-token users)
    5. NRI Clients can operate their accounts themselves.

    To avail IDeAS facility, you will be required to register yourself with the NSDL through its website.


    STEP 1. Visit website https://eservices.nsdl.com

    STEP 2. Click on SPEED-e (Under New Users Registration Head)

    STEP 3. Go to option (a) ‘CLIENTS’, ‘Password Users’ and click on ‘REGISTER’

    STEP 4. Fill in the details on the online form.

    STEP 5. Select a User ID and password for yourself. Please remember/note down your User ID
                    password at a secure place, as they will be required for future log-in.

    STEP 6. Enter ‘CM-BP ID’ of your broker (Max. 3)

    STEP 7. Select the option ‘SPEED-e’

    STEP 8. Click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.

    STEP 9. Click on ‘CONFIRM’ (Please note down Registration No.).

    STEP 10. Go to option (2) ‘Print of this registration form’.

    STEP 11. Take the print of the registration form.

    STEP 12. All the holders should sign at the allocated spaces.

    STEP 13.
                    a) Submit the registration form along with latest Demat account statement or In-person verification
                         to The Kapol Co-op. Bank Ltd.
                    b) An Agreement for SPEED-e on non judicial stamp paper of Rs.100/=
                    c) Notarized POA in case of joint holders on non judicial stamp paper of s.100/= and
                    d) Consent letter (on letter head of broker) from their brokers